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Urban Conservation Practices
Over our 10 year history designing and installing urban conservation practices, Alex Schmidt Landscape Design has impounded millions of gallons of stormwater. Help keep hot runnoff out Iowa's streams and rivers calm and clean by installing one of our beautiful urban conservation practices.

                                     Rain Gardens

      2" rain 20 min. after completion      


 The same garden 1 year later

Having a rain garden installed is an attractive means of infiltrating roof water from your home or business.  Native plants are low maintenance, colorful and are designed to control a 1.25" rain.  

Permeable Pavers for Driveways and Patios

Eco-Priora tumbled permeable driveway

Permeable pavers are a beautiful way to capture storm water and keep it out of our streets, storm sewers, streams and rivers.   Our systems are designed to capture a 1.5 - 4" rain. Check them out at Unilock

Rain Water Harvesting

Do you need water for irrigation, washing the car or even grey water for your home.  Meet the RainXChange system.  This rain capture system can be hidden under a patio or constructed as a water feature in your yard and plumbed to suit your needs.  Put your rain water to good use!